A wealth of stone, a wealth of spirit


The Wayna Fanes Tradition and the group “Dolomiten Ayllu”


“Wayna” means “young” in Quechua, the language of the Andes. “Fanes” refers to the mountain range of the same name and also to the remnants of one of humanities Great Myths, preserved in the same Dolomite region. This myth tells about a blossoming reign of peace founded on a deep connection with the earth and her beings but which later perished when this connection was neglected and spiritual power abused. On the other hand, the myth also speaks of a return of this “Shambala” of the Dolomites in the “Promised Time”.


The Wayna Fanes Tradition could emerge because the uninterrupted lineage of the living healing and wisdom tradition of the Andes, especially the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition as taught by Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, formed a solid foundation for the return of an authentic shamanic tradition in Europe that is both rooted in the landscape and authentically lived. With that, the slumbering mythic heritage of Fanes could gradually reawaken and meld with the mother tradition from Peru to form an organically grown synthesis with an identity in its own right.


logosmallWhat is today the Wayna Fanes Tradition goes back to the years-long work of the group “Dolomiten Ayllu”, founded and led by Waltraud Hönes. We call ourselves “Ayllu” (pronounced like the words “I-you”) following an original Andean form of living together on the basis of “ayni” (pronounced like the words “I-knee”), the ethical principal of reciprocity or of “today for me, tomorrow for you”. Since the year 2000, through innumerable rituals of reciprocity, we have built an intense relationship with our landscape and its beings who, in ayni, provide us with the power for our shamanic work.


With our ceremonies for healing the relationship between Mother Earth and her children, pilgrimages for the earth and transpersonal soul-development work, we understand ourselves as path-makers for the “Promised Time”.


buildapachetaThe Fanes myth is unique in all of Europe. As “young Fanes” we find this myth both fascinating and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We understand and re-tell it from a deep perspective and are convinced that its archaic yet also sweet power is of inestimable value for an earth honoring renewal in all of Europe. The Wayna Fanes Tradition does, by no means, understand itself as region bound; it can be lived anywhere in the form that corresponds with its landscape and its inhabitants. The Dolomites are its place of origin and power center, but from there it can fly in all directions.